September 20, 2023

Scarlett Kiowski
"The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you."
Romans 16:20

In this chapter, Paul reminds us to stay on guard and be mindful of those around us that are wanting to cause division by deceiving us and throwing obstacles in our way that are contrary to God’s teaching. He wraps up this reminder with two promises. The first promise is that God is going to destroy Satan, and the second promise is that “the grace of our Lord Jesus” will be with us.

Through this passage, God has given us everything that we need. He has told us exactly what the enemy is going to do. He has promised to be with us every step of the way, and He has promised to overcome the evil one. It doesn’t get more clear than that. We, therefore, have no excuse to do anything other than glean wisdom from the teachings of Paul and follow His ways.