Vision & Values

A ‘vision’ is seeing the invisible and making it visible. It’s a God-inspired understanding of a different future. Simply put, our vision is Jesus.


Building a Community (Acts 2:42)

  • We gather in community to encounter the mystery and story of God. We spend time in worship and conversation regarding how our lives can find meaning and hope in connection with God and others.

Changing a City (Matthew 9:35-38)

  • When this kind of community permeates the city, it can only bring change.

Reaching a Country and World (Matthew 28:18-20)

  • When a city is changed, an entire nation and world can be reached.


We adhere to the eternal authority and relevance of the scripture:

  • 2 Timothy 3:16
  • Psalm 119:105, 160
  • Psalm 12:6

We are Christ centered because Christ is Lord

  • John 1:1-5, 12, 14
  • John 3:16-17
  • Hebrews 4:14-15

All members are equipped and engaged for the work of service

  • 2 Timothy 2:2
  • Ephesians 4:11-13




(For questions and/or comments to the Overseers, email them at:

  • Rob Campbell

    Rob is the Senior Pastor and oversees both campuses. He started Cypress Creek Church in his home in 1993, is the husband to Susan, and father to Kayley and Taylor/Jose Abaroa, and the grandfather to Ayla, Micah, Samuel and Ezra.

  • Tracey Dean

    Tracey is one of the Overseers and has been involved with CCC since its inception. Tracey and his wife of 50 years Marty, are members of CCC as are their children and grandchildren including Jesse & Juna Brown, Shelby, Harper, Ree and Logan Brown, and Dylan Dean.

  • Lennie Freiman

    Lennie Freiman and his wife Claudia have attended CCC since 2001. Lennie is a member of the CCC Prayer Ministry Team. He retired from the Brokerage business after 36 years. They have four children and five grandchildren and are owners of Freiman Fine Foods and Gifts, featuring fresh chicken eggs and a Texas Hot Sauce.

  • Paul Dunn

    Paul Dunn and his wife, Mary have been attending Cypress Creek Church since 2004. They have 2 grown children and 5 grandchildren. Paul retired from the Financial services industry in 2004.

  • Pax Chagnon

    Pax and his wife Ashley live in San Marcos, lead a community group, and have been part of the Cypress Creek Church family since 2007. They have 3 children: Noelle, Amri, and Levi. Pax is an architect and has been practicing in the San Marcos and Wimberley area since 2008.

  • Pastors

  • Rob Campbell

    Senior PastorEmail

    Rob is the Senior Pastor and oversees both campuses. He started Cypress Creek Church in his home in 1993, is the husband to Susan, and father to Kayley and Taylor/Jose Abaroa, and the grandfather to Ayla, Micah, Samuel, and Ezra.

  • Rhonda Patterson

    Prayer PastorEmail

    Rhonda is the Prayer Pastor; she has been a member of CCC since 1998 and involved in prayer ministry since 2001. She is married to Larry and is mother to Cole/Kate and Chase, and grandmother to Jesse and Davis.

  • Shawn Stoever

    Pastor of Community GroupsEmail

    Shawn serves as Pastor of Community Groups. He and his wife Christina have four children, Taylor and husband Austin, Cade, Cody and Colt.

  • Jose Abaroa

    Student Pastor / Crosstalk PastorEmail

    Jose serves as the Student Pastor in Wimberley. He and his wife Taylor work together to lead Jr. High and High School students. Jose is also Crosstalk co-pastor at TXST. Jose and Taylor have two daughters, Ayla and Micah, and two sons, Samuel and Ezra.

  • Ben Kiowski

    Worship Pastor / Crosstalk PastorEmail

    Ben is the Worship Pastor at Cypress Creek Church who oversees worship at the Wimberley and San Marcos campus. Ben is also Crosstalk co-pastor at TXST. He is the husband to Scarlett, and father to Emelie, Jillian, Avery and Titus.

  • Scarlett Kiowski

    Kid's Pastor / Wimberley CampusEmail

    Scarlett leads the Kids ministry at the Wimberley campus as well as the women’s ministry, “Pink”. She is married to Ben Kiowski and mother to Emelie, Jillian, Avery, and Titus.

  • Becky Ball

    San Marcos Campus PastorEmail

    Becky is the San Marcos Campus Pastor and has been a member of CCC since 1993. She is the mother to Shane/Danielle Ball and grandmother to Varra and Levi.

  • Paulina De La Fuente

    Kid's Pastor / San Marcos CampusEmail

    Paulina leads the Kids ministry at the San Marcos campus and serves in the Crosstalk ministry.

  • Become a Member

    Everything at CCC flows best through relationships. Connecting to a Community Group is the first step for just about everything, and it’s the best way (but not required) to be a member of this church community. A listing of Community Groups is available on the CCC homepage.

    CCC also offers a “First Sunday Coffee” every first Sunday of the month for those “kicking the tires” at CCC. This informal gathering provides those interested in learning more about CCC an opportunity to meet some of the pastoral leadership, get an overview of the CCC vision, and ask questions.

    One other opportunity is offered in the Spring and the Fall; it is called “Discovery” and is a lunch gathering whereby folks can meet more of the pastoral leadership A packet is provided that includes additional information about CCC, its vision, and its ministries. An open forum is offered for attendees to ask questions and have deeper discussion with the leadership. From there, individuals can determine if God wants them to be part of the CCC family.

    Please contact the CCC Admin Office at regarding “First Sunday Coffee” or “Discovery”.