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Sunday, August 9th




Gathering Guide
Gathering Inside This Week - 9 & 10:30am
Live Stream


Tune in live at 9am and 10:30am for a digital front seat to the gathering.


Gathering Inside

This Sunday, gatherings will be held indoors with the garage doors open.

Physical Distancing

Physical Distancing

Families will be seated together and 6 feet apart from other families.


Kid’s Ministry

Kids will remain with their parents and given a printed copy of the Kid’s Kit.


Masks Recommended

While not required, masks are recommended and will be made available.


Sunday Livestream

Tune in every Sunday at 9am & 10:30am for the livestream on YouTube and Facebook Live!

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Join a Community Group

Cypress Creek Church is a group of imperfect people who worship the perfect savior, Jesus!

Community Groups of people living life on life and growing together are the real bread & butter of who Cypress Creek Church is! ALL are welcome to jump in to a Community Group today!

Learn about Community Groups


Kids Kit

Kid’s Kit is packed full of thought provoking games, activities, and challenges that will help your kids go deeper and stay connected to God’s truth. Each lesson will be directly related to Sunday’s teaching and will be updated each week with new material!

ALL are welcome to interact with God’s Word through Kid’s Kit!

Click for this week’s Kid’s Kit


Prayer when you need it most.

CCC is a house saturated in prayer. Prayer coverage takes place in every facet of church life, beginning in Community Groups, flowing into each Ministry, strengthening CCC to be a house of prayer for all nations.

Prayer Ministry is offered in many ways, including through a prayer request card online. The prayer requests are prayed for by the Prayer Ministry Team and Pastors; your requests are always held in strict confidence. Click on the link below to submit a prayer request online:

Submit Prayer Request


Cypress Creek Cares

As His church in this time and place we must choose HOPE over fear, SACRIFICE over selfishness and PEACE over anxiety.


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Daily Devotionals

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The Podcast is a NEW platform where you can listen to all the Sunday Messages and the new “Conversations” podcast where we take a second look at the message each week!

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