March 16, 2024

Jesslyn Adams
“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in Spirit.”
Psalm 34:18

I find it so ironic that I am sharing this. My personality tends to focus only on the positive things each day. I try to find a silver lining to everything! If someone recommends a great movie and something sad happens in it, I refuse to watch it. Yes, I tend to avoid sadness at all costs.

Yet, over the past decade, God has been showing me there is beauty in grief and sadness. A wise counselor once pointed out to me: “Have you ever wondered why Jesus took three days to rise from the dead? He could have saved people a lot of grief and sorrow and risen right away! Yet, God’s plan was that He would rise in three days. And after such grief and sorrow, the beauty, hope, and joy of the resurrection is even sweeter, isn’t it?!!

She was right. Since then, I have been trying to sit in my own sadness or the grief of friends even more. I linger there, and though it is painful, it is beautiful. In fact, it is healing. The power of the resurrection is good news indeed.

How are you coming into today? God wants to meet you in your emotions. Tell Him how you feel and listen for His love.