March 10, 2021

Rhonda Patterson
“This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: ‘In repentance and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength…’"
Isaiah 30:15

This scripture was so life giving to me many years ago during a particularly painful season of stumbles and falls. I felt beaten up with guilt and shame and confused at how I’d been so easily misguided in my thoughts and actions. During that time, I was sitting beside a small lake, seeking God, yet feeling so defeated. As I was reading this scripture, I looked up to see a flock of Canadian geese flying low over the water and just past the lake. While still maintaining their precision V pattern of flight, they turned sharply and landed fluidly upon the still peaceful waters. It was so simple and yet spectacular. I felt the Lord remind me that I had repented before Him and that it was time for peace and rest. We can’t rest if we’re letting the enemy batter us with guilt. God comforted and quietened my soul that day, and I chose to trust Him in moving forward as He gave me strength to do some hard things. I am so glad that season is way behind me, but I wouldn’t trade what I learned about His love for me during that time. If you are experiencing defeat/guilt/shame in areas of lust, adultery or any other, know that God’s mercy and kindness leads us to repentance and therein lies, rest, salvation, quietness, trust and strength. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?