July 8, 2020

Emily Keese
“I know that you can do anything, and no one can stop you.”
Job 42:2

Job tried to tell God what he wanted in his circumstance rather than see how God wanted to use his circumstances to edify his kingdom. There was even a point where he became so fed up with his situation that he said he would rather die because it was better than his current circumstance. Have you ever felt you would do most anything if it took you out of your bad circumstance? Would that decision, if you followed through, have violated your biblical moral compass? We must recognize that no matter how much favor we think we gain with God, that he has the power to do as he wants because he desires deeply for us to truly know him. We may be viewed as blameless and one with great integrity just as Job was viewed, but until we actually encounter God, He will continue to mold us…even where it hurts.