July 3, 2023

Rhonda Patterson
"Jesus said to them, 'It is not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.'"
Mark 2:17

I was a bit prideful in my youth. Of course, I pridefully wouldn’t have admitted that at the time, but my attitude certainly reflected it. I’d been blessed to grow up in a wonderful, strong Christian family. At times I was judgmental towards “sinners” and lacked compassion for those who’d not been so fortunate to grow up in a home where the Word was taught. In foolishness, I assumed that people knew right from wrong and should “know better.” Fast forward a few years with an adequate amount of humbling, and I’m now so grateful for the Lord’s patience with me. Like the Pharisees Jesus was addressing, I knew how to “look pious” on the outside, but my mind and my heart were in dire need of God’s surgical work. I was of little help to those in need of Jesus because I failed to acknowledge my own depravity.

We all have habits, patterns of thought…defenses erected sometimes from major or minor events, some long lost from our consciousness. We can carry perceptions of ourselves that do not align with how God sees us, and often we choose our own ways to compensate for these misperceptions and imperfections in ourselves. These things can hinder us from walking in freedom and joy to accomplish the good works that God has for each of us. That is why we ALL are in need of sanctification and the renewing of our minds. Thankfully, God’s kindness leads us to repentance…to turning to His better way.

Oh Lord, we are all in need of Your transforming work in our minds and hearts. Wholeness is found in You alone. Thank You for Your patience with us. May we choose to trust You as we lean in and allow You to take us deeper still to the unhealed places in each of us. Heal us, and we shall be healed, oh Great Physician.