August 24, 2022

Paulina De La Fuente
“The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.’”
Genesis 2:18

The context of these verses is what always strikes me the most. God’s newly created world, with the newly created man walking with Him in the place specially made for humanity. Pre-sin entering the world, pre-separation from God, pre-knowledge of anything else that was “not good“ for the man and yet one thing was still true: man wasn’t created to be alone. He wasn’t technically alone in the garden, with the animals that Adam had already named and God himself walking through the garden with him. And yet what was missing was a companion, the final element that would complete God’s creation and make it “good.”

When I see it in that context and understand God’s intent for how (and with who) we should live life, it feels easier to look for the ways God has provided those around us. However, when I look away from that, it’s easy to turn inward and see comparison, strife, pride, and all things that lead to division and isolation from God’s people. How has God provided His body to surround you, support you, and live life with you? How has He given you the opportunity to do the same for others? What do we need to surrender in order to submit to God’s design and intent for community?