April 13, 2023

Joel Hernandez
“He must become greater; I must become less.”
John 3:30

When I read this verse, I immediately begin to think of ways that I need to become less. What does it look like for me to become less? How can I deny myself? How can I humble myself? While these are right questions to be asking, I actually think the better place to start is to think less about ourselves and spend more time asking ourselves how Jesus becomes greater in our lives. The natural overflow of Jesus taking priority in our lives is that our own selfish desires and pursuits become an afterthought to us.

Some practical ways to make Jesus greater in our lives seem obvious: spending time in the word, prayer, being in community. As we all know, it can be easier said than done and spiritual disciplines take just that, discipline, to make daily habits. What then can we do to eliminate as many barriers as possible to increase our intimacy with Jesus? For me, I find that I try to DO more FOR God versus actually spending time with Him. Recognizing that pattern in myself, I try to prioritize time with God first and foremost before jumping to a to-do list.

I challenge you to reflect on that question. What keeps me from being in close relationship with the Lord on a day to day basis? How can I mitigate any barriers? The more time we spend abiding in Jesus, the more He will become greater and you become less.