Prayer Positions Worship

Praying and asking God to fill your mind and heart with his truth is a great way to immerse yourself in the things of God. As we pray, we trust that God, through the access granted by the work of Jesus on the Cross, will speak to our innermost being through the comforting and life-changing presence of the Holy Spirit. We have access to this connection at any time and any place, but as we engage in corporate worship together through the singing of songs, prayer congruent with the engagement of our other senses often allows a profound connection with the Spirit of God as we become fully immersed in His presence.

Take Action:

  • Ask God to speak to you
  • Cast your cares and anxieties upon the Lord by confessing them to Him
  • Receive the kindness and instruction of God by listening to the Holy Spirit
  • Tell God what your hurts and needs are, then listen for the kind voice of our loving Father to respond.