“God Spoke to the deepest part of my heart and spirit saying, ‘You will plant a church.’”
Rob Campbell, Founding Pastor

On January 10th, 1993, a small group of faith-filled believers gathered together in Pastor Rob’s living room to worship, open up God’s Word, and begin building relationships. Six weeks later, Sunday morning gatherings of Cypress Creek Church outgrew Pastor Rob’s home and moved to Wimberley Mountain Plaza. “Agape Feasts” (baptisms at the Sabino Ranch) became an integral part of the church culture, celebrating new believers coming to life. As “HEART” groups multiplied and worship attendance grew, walls were moved in the store front to accommodate the growing crowd.



“The early church was so fun because it was so natural!”
M.F. Johnson, Founding Member

In August of 1996, Cypress Creek Church had quickly outgrown the Wimberley Mountain Plaza meeting space and relocated to the Danforth Junior High gym. At that time, there was one gathering with about 325 in attendance on Sundays, and an annual 4th of July family mission trip to Mexico consisting of about 100 people. As Cypress grew, God placed before us a common experience and goal: to make a difference in the lives of those in the valley of Wimberley, Texas and beyond!



“The Spirit of the church was a place of welcome, a place of love, grace, and a place where you were brought in and felt like you had a place that you were cared for.”
Chris Kipp, Former College Pastor

Starting in November 1997, Cypress Creek Church determined to be debt free, even while looking to find land and build a permanent home. After a prayerful search for the right piece of land, 25 acres in South River were found and brought to the Overseers. In June of 1998, Cypress Creek Church began asking God to release the finances needed in 90 days through the church family. As of August 31st, 1998, more than the initial goal was given by 105 families. The land was paid for! Our God reigns!



“Cypress Creek Church always created this incredible atmosphere to where, if you wanted to, you could learn to surrender and be empowered by the Holy Spirit.”
Michelle Gooch, Former Community Group Pastor

At the start of 2001, another move for Sunday morning gatherings was on the horizon. Our current church campus was built over the course of 18-20 months debt-free. A few Sundays before Easter of 2001, the church family finally moved in to our permanent home at 211 Stillwater!



“Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom and growth, both personally and as a church body. It was and is so exciting to be a part of what God is doing in our church, community and world!”
Rhonda Patterson, Prayer Pastor

More than a decade later, the church family once again started running into the same good problem; lacking adequate space for infants, toddlers, children, and students on Sunday mornings. By March 24th, 2013, God once again used the church family to raise $80,000 more than the initial goal. Due to the gracious giving of the church family, Cypress Creek Church expanded the children’s building by adding approximately 5,000 square feet to the space!