September 10, 2021

Paulina De La Fuente
“When you enter a house, first say, ‘Peace to this house.’ If someone who promotes peace is there, your peace will rest on them; if not, it will return to you."
Luke 10:5-6

In these verses, Jesus gives us a definition and way to identify “people of peace.” A person of peace is someone that is open to God’s message and willing to help it advance; they provide an open opportunity for us as we go out into the world. When I was serving in Student Ministry, a person of peace looked like a teacher who wanted to know more about what we were doing, an administrator who asked to pass out our flyers, or even a 6th grader who invited us to eat with them at lunch. In all kinds of situations, God highlights these people of peace to receive us and the message we bring. Are there people in your life who ask you about church? Anyone who asks about how your community group is going? Or who is willing to help support those efforts? If so, whether they’re a believer or not, stick around and see what God might be stirring in them. It’s always encouraging to see what the Holy Spirit is working in others, whether they are fully aware of it yet or not.