March 26, 2023

Bob Maas
“The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.”
Psalm 119:130

When I was a child I was afraid of darkness. While lying awake in bed with the lights off, any sound I heard would trigger my mind to start thinking fearful thoughts. Eventually I discovered the imagined fears were not real and I gradually overcame them.

The same thing became true in the spiritual realm after I started following Jesus. Through Scripture I learned that His words were light that shined brightly in the darkness and I overcame the fears that were in my imagination.

Now, my fears are few and I am able to conquer them by simply trusting Him, no matter how irrational the spiritual darkness is that surrounds me.

The nature of God’s kingdom is light so I am never in a circumstance where the light He has blessed me with cannot shine.

I pray that He will help me walk in the light of His presence no matter how dark my environment might become.