July 8, 2024

Annie Ward
“Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory”
Romans 15:7

This verse reminds us that our acceptance of each other should mirror Christ’s acceptance of us. It is a call to unity and love, even when we face differences and disagreements. The church today grapples with a variety of issues, and it is easy to let these differences create divisions, but Paul’s message urges us to take a different path.

With Christ as our model, we are called to move toward unity over uniformity. Unity in the church is not about uniformity of thought, but about coming together in love despite our differences. It is about valuing relationships over being right. Through our act of accepting one another, we are participating in giving glory to God. We are worshiping Him with our love for one another.

As Dr. Carl taught us this Sunday, applying these ideas throughout the week could look like listening for understanding, focusing on the common ground instead of the differences, praying for unity in our community, and acting with grace and kindness. Christ is our ultimate example, and through the power of Christ in our lives we get to participate in this Kingdom work of accepting others.