February 18, 2022

Taylor Christensen
“But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.”
Romans 13:14

Throughout Ephesians 4 and 5, Paul encourages believers to “take off” our old way of living, be it lying, anger, stealing, gossip, independence, revenge, lust, greed, or drunkenness…and “put on” the new self. A life of truth, peace, giving, encouragement, dependence, forgiveness, love, gratitude, and worship.

I love the grace Paul writes about in another letter, including his own struggle to live this very transformation we’re called to live ourselves. His brutal honesty and humility are both encouraging and convicting…instead of masking his sin or turning the other way, Paul acknowledges that no willpower can change his behavior other than through Jesus.

Lord, please grow my dependence further and further to You, acknowledging my need for your grace, truth, and mercy in my life each and every day.