December 28, 2020

Bob Maas
“The sun will no more be your light by day, nor will the brightness of the moon shine on you, for the LORD will be your everlasting light, and your God will be your glory. Your sun will never set again, and your moon will wane no more; the LORD will be your everlasting light, and your days of sorrow will end.”
Isaiah 60:19-20
“His splendor was like the sunrise; rays flashed from His hand, where His power was hidden.”
Habakkuk 3:4

There are numerous things in nature that are analogous to the Lord and His Kingdom. Darkness is not one of them, but without it there would be no contrast to His light. After the sun goes down, darkness takes over and unless the moon’s reflection is bright or the stars are not obscured by clouds, it is very difficult to see. On many occasions I have stumbled over things that were hidden in the dark. When the sun begins to appear in the morning, its mere presence begins to cause the darkness to recede until the first rays completely light up the earth. So, it is with His presence in my life. Without the conscious awareness of His presence, the darkness can overtake me and I view things from an obscure perspective that can cause me to stumble. However, when I am mindful that He is with me, the light of His presence is like the sun, and the dark has to flee. The flash of rays that appear are like mighty swords that make every moment of darkness disappear.