• Jose Abaroa

    Jose Abaroa

    Lead PastorEmail
  • Rhonda Patterson

    Rhonda Patterson

    Prayer PastorEmail
  • Taylor Christensen

    Taylor Christensen

    Executive PastorEmail
  • Bob Maas

    Bob Maas

    Pastor of Spiritual FormationEmail
  • Joel Hernandez

    Joel Hernandez

    Worship PastorEmail
  • Scarlett Kiowski

    Scarlett Kiowski

    Kid's PastorEmail
  • Tyler Keese

    Tyler Keese

    Student PastorEmail
  • Johnny Young

    Johnny Young

    High School DirectorEmail
  • JD Wilhelm

    JD Wilhelm

    Crosstalk PastorEmail
  • Shawn Stoever

    Shawn Stoever

    Teaching PastorEmail
  • Paulina


    Communications DirectorEmail
  • Randy Whalen

    Randy Whalen

    Communications ManagerEmail
  • Laurel Bruner

    Laurel Bruner

    Communications CoordinatorEmail
  • Linda Maas

    Linda Maas

    Financial AdministratorEmail
  • Susan Campbell

    Susan Campbell

    Event/Facilities CoordinatorEmail
  • Eric Hubert

    Eric Hubert

    Operations ManagerEmail
  • Andra Cole

    Andra Cole

    Hospitality CoordinatorEmail
  • Nathaniel Goldblatt

    Nathaniel Goldblatt

    Audio DirectorEmail
  • Rob Campbell

    Rob Campbell

    Founding PastorEmail
  • Overseers

    (For questions and/or comments to the Overseers, email them at:  overseers@cypresscreekchurch.com)
  • Jose Abaroa

    Jose serves as the Lead Pastor of Cypress Creek Church. Jose and his wife Taylor have two daughters, Ayla and Micah, and two sons, Samuel and Ezra.

  • Tracey Dean

    Tracey is one of the Overseers and has been involved with CCC since its inception. Tracey and his wife of 50 years Marty, are members of CCC as are their children and grandchildren including Jesse & Juna Brown, Shelby, Harper, Ree and Logan Brown, and Dylan Dean.

  • Lennie Freiman

    Lennie Freiman and his wife Claudia have attended CCC since 2001. Lennie is a member of the CCC Prayer Ministry Team. He retired from the Brokerage business after 36 years. They have four children and five grandchildren and are owners of Freiman Fine Foods and Gifts, featuring fresh chicken eggs and a Texas Hot Sauce.

  • Paul Dunn

    Paul Dunn and his wife, Mary have been attending Cypress Creek Church since 2004. They have 2 grown children and 5 grandchildren. Paul retired from the Financial services industry in 2004.

  • Pax Chagnon

    Pax and his wife Ashley live in San Marcos, lead a community group, and have been part of the Cypress Creek Church family since 2007. They have 3 children: Noelle, Amri, and Levi. Pax is an architect and has been practicing in the San Marcos and Wimberley area since 2008.

  • Bob Walker

    Bob and his wife Caryn moved to Wimberley and became a part of Cypress Creek Church in 2014. Bob retired from a 23-year career in radio broadcasting in 2023. They have three grown children.