Commitment Sunday


The Oaks Project is a two-year initiative beginning in December 2023, with giving taking place through December 2025. Commitment Sunday will be on December 10th, 2023, where we will bring our Commitment Cards to the gatherings as we celebrate together! Commitments will be kindly followed up with throughout the project. Submit your generous commitment to The Oaks Project, above and beyond your current giving, to sow into what God is leading Cypress Creek Church to do through this project!






We will dedicate 40 Days of Prayer from October 30th to December 10th as a church family. During this time, pray for God to grow all of our faith and pray specifically for guidance in your giving. Instead of asking how much we can give, let’s ask God how much He would have us give.

Good Stewardship

Good stewardship of our finances gives us freedom and helps us to remain available for God’s work. Scripture instructs us to GIVE first, SAVE second, and SPEND third. If you have not yet given to God through Cypress Creek Church, consider this great opportunity to begin your giving journey! Trust and be faithful, expect God to do something through you that you do not now see as possible.

Develop a Plan

The Overseers have prayed, met, and prepared over the last two years in order to develop a plan and budget for The Oaks Project, as the costs are beyond our regular operating budget. Prayerfully consider what God may be laying on your heart to give over and above what you’re already giving through Cypress Creek Church.